# Datadog

Category: Logging
Runtime: 0.9+
Available: Free

# Overview

Datadog node by Kumologica integrates seamlessly with Datadog (opens new window) APM cloud infrastructure. Enabling to send the application log events from Kumologica flow to Datadog logs. This node allows to set the following :

  • service name
  • message
  • log level

# Setup

# Prerequisites

For Datadog node to work properly, you need to have a valid subscription of Datadog cloud instance running and available to access over https. Ensure to have an API key (opens new window) token generated for the node to connect with a given instance of Datadog.

# Installation

To install the node from designer:

  1. Go to Add more nodes option on the palette section.
  2. Check for the Datadog node and click install.
  3. Once installed, the designer is required to be restarted.

To install the node from CLI:

  1. Go to your project workspace where you can see your package.json file.
  2. Run the below give npm command.
    npm i @kumologica/kumologica-contrib-datadog

# Technical Details


  • Host (Required)
    Hostname of the Datadog cloud instance to connect
  • Service Name (Required)
    Name of the service to which logs are associated. This helps in filtering the logs based on your service name.
  • API key (Required)
    API token (opens new window) key for authenticating with the Datadog cloud platform.
  • Log level (Optional)
    Log level to be set for the log event. Supports Info, Debug, Error, Warn and Silly.
  • Message (Optional)
    Log message to be sent.

The loglevel of the Datadog node in a Kumologica flow can be switched using environment variable DD_LOG_LEVEL.
eg: DD_LOG_LEVEL=debug.

Supported Operations

Logs [Send logs (opens new window)]


Datadog node throws the following exception.

  • Datadog Client Failed


The payload or variable will not be overwritten or enriched by this node.

# Develop a Service

Video tutorial

# Instructions

  1. Drag a drop an EventListener node from the palette to the canvas. Open the settings, configure the following and Save.

    Display Name : POST /order
    Event Source : Amazon API gateway
    Verb : GET
    URL : /order
  2. Add the Datadog node to the canvas. Open the settings, provide the following configuration and click Save.

    Display Name :  Log_Entry
    Host : Hostname of you Datadog cloud instance
    Service Name : SampleDataDogService
    Message : {"data": "Testdata"}
    Log level : Root token from your Vault server
    API Key : API token created from your Datadog instance
  3. Wire the EventListener node to the Datadog Node.

  4. Add EventListener End node from the palette to the canvas. Open the settings, configure the following and Save.

    Payload : msg.payload
  5. Wire the Datadog node to the EventListener End node.

# Try it

Sample Flow with Datadog node