Category: Platforms
Runtime: 0.9+
Available: Free

# Overview

JIRA node by Kumologica integrates seamlessly with JIRA service desk platform for creating and managing issues.

# Setup

# Prerequisites

For JIRA node to work properly, you need to have a valid subscription of JIRA Service desk (opens new window) cloud instance running and available to access over https. Ensure to have the user credentials (opens new window) generated for the node to connect with a given instance of JIRA cloud service desk.

# Installation

To install the node from designer:

  1. Go to Add more nodes option on the palette section.
  2. Check for the JIRA node and click install.
  3. Once installed, the designer is required to be restarted.

To install the node from CLI:

  1. Go to your project workspace where you can see your package.json file.
  2. Run the below give npm command.
    npm i @kumologica/kumologica-contrib-jira

# Technical Details


  • Host (Required)
    Hostname of your JIRA platform to connect.
  • Operation (Optional)
    Service options supported by JIRA node. Refer the Supported Operations section below.
  • Username (Required)
    Username for the basic-auth based security authentication.
  • Password (Required)
    Password for the basic-auth based security authentication. If not using bitbucket the password would be the API token (opens new window)
  • Project Key (Optional)
    Project Key or ID (opens new window) of your project which you need to access in JIRA service desk.
  • IssueType (Optional)
    Category (opens new window) of the issues.
  • Summary (Optional)
    Summary section associated with the issue.
  • Description (Optional)
    Description section associated with the issue.
  • Priority (Optional)
    Priority section associated with the issue.
  • Issue Number (Optional)
    Issue number associated with the issue.
  • Comment Id (Optional)
    Comment section associated with the issue.

On using bitbucket then provide then ensure to provide the bitbucket password instead of API token for basic auth.

Supported Operations


JIRA node throws the following exception.

  • JIRA Client Failed
  • JIRA Error Response


Payload will be overwritten by this node. None of the variables will be overwritten or enriched by this node. The payload can be accessed in the subsequent node using msg.payload.

# Develop a Service

Video tutorial

# Instructions

# Try it

Sample Flow with JIRA node