# SendGrid

Category: Platforms
Runtime: 0.9+
Available: Free

# Overview

SendGrid node by Kumologica integrates with SendGrid cloud platform for delivering emails.

# Setup

# Prerequisites

For SendGrid node to work properly, you need to have a valid subscription of SendGrid account (opens new window) and available to access over https. Ensure to have the Account API key (opens new window) generated for the node to connect with a given instance of SendGrid cloud platform.

# Installation

To install the node from designer:

  1. Go to Add more nodes option on the palette section.
  2. Check for the SendGrid node and click install.
  3. Once installed, the designer is required to be restarted.

To install the node from CLI:

  1. Go to your project workspace where you can see your package.json file.
  2. Run the below give npm command.
    npm i @kumologica/kumologica-contrib-sendgrid

# Technical Details


  • Operation (Optional)
    Option for selecting Regular,Dynamic Template, GetAllContacts and GetContactsById. Regular option is for sending email without template support from SendGrid platform whereas Dynamic Template option is for sending email with template support configured in SendGrid platform UI. GetAllContacts option retrieves all the contacts configured in SendGrid platform and GetContactsById retrieves the contact details based on the unique contact id generated in SendGrid platform.
  • To (Required)
    To address of the email.
  • From (Required)
    From address of the email. The email id must be verified in SendGrid Platform.
  • Cc (Optional)
    Cc address of the email.
  • Bcc (Optional)
    Bcc address of the email. The email id must be verified in SendGrid Platform.
  • Subject (Required)
    Subject of the email.
  • ReplyTo (Required)
    ReplyTo address of the email.
  • Body (Optional)
    Body of the email.
  • TemplateId (Optional)
    Unique ID of the dynamic template configured in SendGrid.
  • Templatedata (Optional)
    JSON data used for furnishing the dynamic template configured in SendGrid platform.
  • Contact Id (Optional)
    Unique Id generated by SendGrid for each contact.
  • Timeout (Optional)
    Default timeout is 5000ms. Maximum time for connection to wait.
  • APIkey (Required)
    API key to authenticate against the SendGrid account.
    512 mb is the minimum memory requirement for your AWS lambda deployment when using SendGrid node. Create the dynamic template in the SendGrid Ui using the dynamic template operation in the node. Ensure to have the subject enabled with substitution expression.

Supported Operations


SendGrid node throws the following exception.

  • SendGrid Client Failed


Payload will not be overwritten by this node. None of the variables will overwritten or enriched by this node.

# Develop a Service

Video tutorial

# Instructions

  1. Click the Home button and choose. Create New Kumologica Project.
  2. Enter name (for example OrderManagementFlow), select directory for project and switch Source into From Existing Flow.
  3. Copy and Paste the following flow. Sample SendGridFlow (opens new window)
  4. Press Create Button.

# Try it

Sample Flow for Email delivery using SendGrid