# How to use join node in manual mode option

In this tutorial we combine a split array into a single string with a hash(#) separator appended between every split record.

  1. To do this tutorial we will be using split node so in order to have a flow which splits an array refer How to use Split node using fixed length option .

  2. Once the flow is created based on Step 1 . Drop a join node to the canvas. Place the join node between the split node and the debug node.

  3. Double click the join node to open the join node editor. Since we are using manual option select the option as manual for the mode.

  4. On the joined using field set the appending string as hash (#).Click Save.

  5. Click on TBD to test the flow.


The input array is split by the split node into 4 array of 2 records each. The join node then appends the 4 array with the hash (#) . The final string on the debug node is printed in the debug panel as follows.