# How to send a message to Amazon SQS queue.

In this tutorial we will send the input student record XML payload to a give Amazon SQS queue.

  1. TBD Following is the payload that is used as input in this use case.

          <SessionName>Advanced Maths</SessionName>
  2. Drag and drop the SQS node from the AWS section in the pallet to the canvas. Double click the node to open the editor.

  3. Provide a Name for the node and furnish the below fields.

    • For Operation select SendMessage
    • For QueueUrl provide SQS Url for queue you have in your AWS account.
    • For MessageBody provide $msg.payload


Ensure that you have an SQS queue available in yur AWS account before configuring the node. Reference: https://aws.amazon.com/sqs/getting-started/

  1. Drop the debug node from the pallette to the canvas and wire the SQS node to debug node. Provide the Name of the debug node as Completed.

  2. Now lets test the flow by clicking on the TBD.


Go to your SQS queue in the AWS account which you have used in this use case. You should be able to see the XML that you have posted to the flow in the queue.