# Testing Nodes


Nodes presented in this section must be place under the test tab. Otherwise, the testcase will be unreachable from the test runner.

# TestCase

TestCase represents the entry point for your test case.

# Properties:

  • TargetNode: Specify the target node that will receive the test payload. The target node must be deployed on the main tab.

  • Payload: Specify the payload to be sent to the target node. Please note that the designer will assist you by providing an example payload depending on the type of the target node. So for example, if the target node accepts S3 events, this payload will be pre-populated with an example of valid AWS Event payload for S3.

# TestCaseEnd

TestCaseEnd node represents the termination of the testcase. Every single flow (main or test) in Kumologica requires a termination node.

# Assertion

Assertion node will receive the response from the main flow (starting from the targetNode). This node is responsible to assert the response received.

# Properties

  • Selector: Indicates what part of the response is to be asserted. Possible values: StatusCode, Headers, JSON Body or Text body.
  • Property: Indicates what property to be assert. Applicable only to Headers and JSON Body.
  • Comparison: Comparison to be computed between the property and the expected value.
  • Value: Expected value in the assertion.