# What is Kumologica

Kumologica is a low-code development toolkit to build, test and deploy API and integration services that can run serverlessly on any cloud (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Functions).

Kumologica follows a flow-based programming paradigm, where through a visual editor you can arrange and connect logic nodes to represent business logic as flows.

Kumologica toolkit is made of:

  • Kumologica Designer: A low-code editor to create, test and deploy your flows.
  • Kumologica Runtime: A nodeJS library responsible for binding your flow to the different computation contracts (AWS Lambda, Azure function, Google function), as well as managing the flow lifecycle, error handling, monitoring and logging.

# Kumologica Designer

Kumologica designer is a visual editor that makes it easy to link together nodes to rapidly build flows that can be deployed as AWS Lambda or Azure functions. This visual flow based development editor, comes with a rich collection of nodes that have been carefully implemented and tested to achieve the best security and performance results.


Support for Azure function will be made available soon.

# Kumologica Runtime

Kumologica runtime is a node.js library that provides bindings to the the different cloud providers, and abstract the developer of the specific contracts with a particular provider. You can think of this runtime as a virtual machine for serverless functions.

# Use Cases

Building APIs and Microservices on Lambda

APIs and Microservices are the backbone of most enterprises. As part of the digital journey almost all the enterprise embrace API and microservice development.

APIs and microservices built using Kumologica can be easily deployed on top of an AWS Lambda, Google Function or Azure function, hence you can enjoy all the benefits of serverless compute: auto-scale, pay-per-usage, easy operational management and thanks to Kumologica low-code, a hyper-fast development lifecycle.

Automated backups and everyday tasks

Scheduled Lambda events are great for housekeeping within the AWS accounts and for other infra and application support related activities. Creating backups, checking for idle resources, generating reports, security/compliance scans and related tasks can be implemented in no time using the Kumologica nodes.

Quick Prototyping of application

Agile development is now part of the DNA of any organization. Quick product development through fast feedback loops is essential to remain competitive in todays world.

Alerting & Notifications

Create flows that can watch for operational failures and alert operators via external chat system like Slack or Email for quick diagnostic and troubleshooting.


A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service, such as Amazon Lex, can be used to build interactive bots that can trigger Lambda Functions for intent fulfillment in response to voice commands or text. This flow can be easily implemented with the needed rules and logic within the flow.

# Kumologica Vs Other Software

There are different middlewares, integration and API development products are available in the market today like MuleSoft, IBM, TIBCO and Apigee. The below table illustrates a comparison of key features and capabilities:

Features Kumologica MuleSoft IBM IIB TIBCO Microsoft App Logic
Multi-cloud deployment
Pay per usage
Graphical tooling
Local Development
DevOps Support
BuiltIn Monitoring
Zero OS Patching
High Avaliability
Default Auto Scaling
On-Premise deployment