# Deploying

Kumologica Designer allows developers to focus on the development cycle by providing a consistent and homogenous environment to build, deploy and test applications faster, without spending time for configuration and local deployments.

In this section will focus on two types of deployments:

# Local deployment

The designer ships with a local server that keeps watching your flow for changes and hot-reload those changes without any intervention required.

This means that you no longer have to rebuild your app each time you tweak your flow, or download/install any extra libraries or tools.

This capability speeds up your development and makes it easier to build, experiment, and iterate on your business logic.


The local server is reachable from outside of the Kumologica designer on the port: 1880.

# Cloud deployment

Kumologica Designer recognizes the need for developers to quickly deploy your prototypes into the cloud. For such use case, developers can use the Cloud tab in order to simplify and accelerate your deployments.

Following is a view of the Cloud tab:

From this tab, developers can set the properties and attach the triggers for the target lambda.

When setting the triggers, users will have the option to either create or attach to existing resources, in this aspect, Kumologica Designer will help the developer to "discover" those resources ARNs, by enquiring the cloud and make them available on the dropdowns. This will eliminate the need for developers to jump back and forth between the designer and the AWS Console.

Following is an example of such discovery of existing AWS resources:


Currently only deployment to AWS Lambda are supported from the Cloud tab directly. Future targets like Google Function and Azure function are coming soon.

# Export Deployment Script

While deploying with a single click from the Designer brings a clear benefit of fast feedback loops during local development and prototyping, the majority of the organizations will rely on a CI/CD pipeline strategy to make the delivery of new services fast, reliable and repeatable.

Kumologica provides an option to export the underlying scripts generated and used internally in one of the two available options:

  • AWS Cloudformation
  • Serverless Framework


Go the following article (opens new window) to learn more about the serverless option.