# Monitoring

Kumologica Flows will leverage whatever monitoring/instrumenting capabilities are available in the underlying cloud computation solution.

# AWS Lambda

All Kumologica flows deployed in AWS Lambda environments are out of the box integrated with X-Ray. This will enable developers and operators to trace, debug and optimize the Kumologica Flows, without any extra effort required.

The only requirement is to set the X-Ray flag during the deployment, as shown in the picture below:

# View the Flow map in the X-Ray Console

Kumologica Flow will create a segment for each node within the flow, this will provide extra granularity over what node of the flow is actually becoming a point of congestion (bottleneck).

In addition, extra metadata and annotations are injected on EventListener node to provide further information and easy correlation with CloudWatch logs.

Following is an example of a Kumologica flow viewed from the X-Ray console:


It is worth noting the following two environment variables, over all the available ones (opens new window), that can be used to configure the X-Ray SDK:

  • AWS_XRAY_DEBUG_MODE: Set to TRUE to configure the SDK to output logs to the console, instead of configuring a logger.
  • AWS_XRAY_LOG_LEVEL: Set a log level for the logger. Valid values are debug, info, warn, error, and silent. This value is ignored when AWS_XRAY_DEBUG_MODE is set to TRUE