# Using Processor node

Looping logic can be implemented using different nodes in Kumologica. Each node addresses specific requirement needs.

This tutorial will explain on implementing looping logic in Kumologica using Processor node.

  1. Click on Home and select Create New Project

  2. Drag and drop the inject node from the INPUT category in the pallet for triggering the flow.


    Trigger node is only used only local testing purpose . This node should be replaced by any other input node like AWS Event node which will allow to expose a trigger (http , S3 etc) based on the need.

  3. Drag and drop the processor node from the FUNCTION category in the pallet for initiating the looping logic.

  4. Double click the processor node and provide the below configuration. The below configuration will loop the processor node for count till greater than 5.

  5. Now we will add the logic to be looped through. For this we need to add processor in and processor out node from the FUNCTION category in the pallet.

  6. Add your logic to be looped though between the processor in and processor out node.

  1. In this use case we are adding a simple function node which will print a message. Wire the output point of processor in node to the input point of function node and output point of function node to input point of processor out node
  1. Now lets execute the flow. Click on the inject node button .

  2. Click on the Debug panel to see the iteration.