# How to use Split node using the String\Buffer option

In this tutorial we are going to split a string based on a key word available in the string.

  1. TBD

    Following is the payload used for this usecase.

    This is line 1 #kumo This is line 2 #kumo This is line 3
  2. Drag and drop the split node from routing section in the pallette to the canvas. Double click the split node to open the split node editor.

  3. On the split node editor under the section String / Buffer set the Split using field as #kumo . Click Save.


#kumo is just a string which is used as string separator. The input string is having #kumo and its based on this string separator the split node will split the string into multiple records.

  1. Wire the TBD to the split node.

  2. Drop a the debug node into the canvas and set the name of the node as Completed.

  3. Now click on TBD to trigger the test.


On the debug panel you could see that the debug node (Completed) is printed three times. And each time it printed the string that was splited by the split node.

This is line 1
This is line 2
This is line 3